Airtel and Cisco expand SON partnership

Airtel 4G in Ladakh
Bharti Airtel and Cisco have expanded the use of their SON partnership to improve customer experience in India.

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SON is carrying out optimization based on customer experience and predictive analytics apart from the traditional approach of responding to network degradations.

Airtel engineers are using SON self-healing applications for taking proactive actions in near real time, using predictive machine learning and interworking of SON with NOC tools, PM analytics & customer experience analytics platforms.

The present SON collaboration with Cisco has helped Airtel, a leading telecom operator in India, to dynamically adjust its telecom network during exponential increase in voice and data traffic.

Abhay Savargaonkar, director, Networks, Bharti Airtel, said: “We are taking SON to next level by integrating it with other data sources and machine learning capabilities. This is a path breaking step to put more intelligence in the network and enable us to enhance real-time experience of our consumers.”

“Airtel is building a completely automated network platform that self-monitors, adjusts, and modifies without manual intervention,” said Yvette Kanouff, senior vice president, general manager, Service Provider Business, Cisco.

Airtel has partnered with Nokia as well to improve operational efficiency and service quality by leveraging Nokia’s Hybrid Self Organizing Networks (SON) solution.

The SON solution uses predictive machine learning and interworks with analytics platforms, enabling the Indian telecom operator to take proactive action to optimize network utilization and improve the customer experience.