China Mobile reveals 4G subscriber base for June

China Mobile 4G subscriber base for JuneTelecom network operator China Mobile has revealed its 4G subscriber and 3G subscriber base for June 2016.

China Mobile said the mobile operator’s 4G subscriber base reached 428.54 million in June 2016 from 409.31 million in May 2016 and 391.41 million in April 2016.

3G subscriber base of China Mobile reached 132.86 million in June 2016 from 138.77 million in May 2016 and 145.52 million in April 2016, showing substantial decline.

China Mobile said it added 1.63 million connections to reach 837.03 million mobile customers in June 2016. China Mobile’s net addition was 637,000 in May 2016, 917,000 in April 2016 and 2.58 million in March 2016.