China Mobile revenue dips in Q1, despite adding 10.67 mn 4G users

China Mobile reported that it added 10.67 million 4G subscribers during the first quarter of 2019.
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China Mobile’s 4G subscriber base reached 723 million in Q1 2019 against 713 million in Q4 2018.

China Mobile’s total number of mobile customers reached around 931 million in March 2019 as compared with 925 million in December 2018.

Handset data traffic recorded 172 percent growth. Handset data usage reached 5.7GB (+162 percent). Voice usage minutes fell 9.3 percent. SMS usage rose 19.3 percent. Mobile ARPU stood at RMB50.3 for the first quarter vs 45.4 in Q4 2018.

China Mobile added 10.34 million wireline broadband customers to take the total number to 167 million. Wireline broadband ARPU was RMB30.8 vs RMB31.5.

China Mobile’s operating revenue dipped 0.3 percent to RMB185 billion.

China Mobile’s telecom services revenue dropped 0.5 percent to RMB165.9 billion for the first quarter of 2019 — due to the decline in data tariffs.

China Mobile’s revenue from products increased 1.5 percent to RMB19.1 billion.

China Mobile’s profit fell 8.3 percent to RMB23.7 billion with profit margin of 12.8 percent. EBITDA increased 4.4 percent to RMB72.7 billion.