GCT Semiconductor works with NVIDIA to offer platform 4G LTE smartphones and tablets

By Telecom Lead Team: GCT Semiconductor , a provider
of 4G mobile semiconductors, is working with NVIDIA to offer a reference
platform for 4G LTE smartphones and tablets.


The platform includes NVIDIA Tegra 3, a mobile processor
with four cores, and the single-chip solution GCT LTE, GDM7240. 


“TQM is a provider of LTE modem technology. By
integrating its technology with Tegra 3 we help our partners create LTE mobile
devices with four cores that we think will impress your customers with
excellent performance and battery life longer,” said Michael Rayfield,
general manager of Mobile NVIDIA.


“Mobile operators are looking for the best mobile
platform solution in a matter of speed, connectivity and application processor.
By combining the excellent graphics and display performance with NVIDIA single
chip solution for LTE advanced GCT, we believe we can provide a turnkey design
very attractive for LTE smartphones and tablets,” said Kyeongho KH Lee,
president and CEO of GCT Semiconductor.


The platform will enable OEMs and ODMs improve time to
market with mobile devices to optimize the HD video capabilities and game
console Tegra 3 in 4G LTE networks.


GDM7240 GCT is currently marketed by operators of LTE in
the U.S. and other international markets. GDM7240 is an advanced single
chip solution that fits perfectly LTE to meet the growing demand for higher
data rates, increased mobility, enhanced applications and global roaming.


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