T-Mobile doubles speed of 4G network in 11 additional markets

T-Mobile USA has doubled the speed of its 4G network in 11 additional markets,
offering faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) to nearly 180 million Americans in 163 markets.

Moreover, T-Mobile expanded the reach of its nationwide 4G (HSPA+ 21) network
to 9 additional markets, covering 208 markets across the country and reaching
more than 200 million people.

“Our customers are taking full advantage of these faster 4G connections through
services such as streaming video and audio. In fact, these services now account
for more than half of the 4G device usage on our network,” said Neville Ray,
chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile’s portfolio of more than 25 4G devices gives customers access to the
content. In addition to 4G devices, the company recently launched its first
smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy STM II and HTC AmazeTM 4G which are capable of
taking advantage of T-Mobile’s faster 4G (HSPA+ 42) network.

These two smartphones enable customers to access rich Web content on their
smartphones at speeds faster than the average home Internet connection, with
average download speeds approaching 8 Mbps and peak speeds around 20 Mbps on
T-Mobile’s 4G network.

The company also recently introduced the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile HotSpot,
T-Mobile’s fastest mobile hotspot, providing access to T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+ 42)
network for up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices including iPads, tablets, music
players, gaming consoles, laptops, cameras and e-readers, among other devices,
all from virtually anywhere.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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