UNE Colombia and Huawei to deploy LTE network in South America

Huawei announced that it will deploy its first LTE commercial network in South
America for UNE Colombia.

UNE is the largest fixed broadband operator in Colombia.

UNE will deploy the network in Bogota and Medellin using Huawei’s LTE edge
solution. The entire core network will be geared with Huawei equipments.
Furthermore as for now, Huawei will provide terminal devices for UNE, including
the world’s first LTE five-mode USB dongle E392 and other models.

“We are pleased to partner with Huawei for the deployment of Colombia’s
first commercial LTE network for the first stage” said Juan Ignacio
Palacio, VP international business, UNE.

“UNE is committed to providing its customers the best and fastest possible
Mobile Broadband Internet experience. We believe that Huawei’s cutting-edge
SingleRAN LTE solution will enable us to rapidly achieve our objective of
building one of the largest and best next-generation mobile networks in
Colombia,” Palacio added.

“The selection underscores Huawei’s top position in the LTE field and
highlights its leading advantages in the MBB solutions delivery. The
cooperation between UNE and Huawei will accelerate the LTE commercialization
progress in South and Latin America’s MBB market,” said Ying Weimin,
president of GSM&UMTS<E Network, Huawei.

There are 35 commercial LTE networks globally. 18 of them are using Huawei’s
SingleRAN LTE solution. Huawei ranks No.1 worldwide with over 50 percent market
share, according to GSA’s LTE Evolution Report released on October 12, 2011.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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