Verizon Wireless adds mobile satellite solutions to private IP service suite


Verizon announced that it is adding Mobile Satellite
Solutions to its Private IP service suite, combining a highly reliable
connection with portable satellite technology to provide services where
traditional terrestrial services are unavailable, unreliable or expensive.


By leveraging Verizon’s multiprotocol label switching
(MPLS) global private IP network, these satellite services provide Private IP
customers with access to their private networks from virtually any place within
the satellite coverage area.


Mobile Satellite Solutions comprise any combination of
auto deploy kits, communications trailers and an executive coach to provide
dependable backup service and enhanced disaster recovery for customers looking
for primary access, business continuity, digital signage, IPTV and content


“With Verizon’s 20-plus years of offering satellite
services to business and government customers, we are well-equipped to provide
the flexibility and coordination satellite projects require,” said Nicola
Morris, vice president of marketing and strategy, Verizon Business.


Verizon’s Mobile Satellite Solutions offer the powerful
combination of satellite technology and Verizon’s Private IP network.


Using an MPLS-based virtual private network, Mobile
Satellite Solutions offer the scalability and any-to-any connectivity of IP
while providing a high level of security. With quick and easy implementation,
Verizon can deliver these mobile satellite solutions virtually anywhere in the
continental U.S. within 24 to 36 hours, depending on the specific configuration.


The solutions provide the bandwidth, high availability,
performance and quality of service required to meet today’s complex business


has extensive experience in this field, having designed and implemented global
satellite-based telecommunication services since 1992. Currently, the company
provides connectivity to thousands of satellite terminals around the world that
support a variety of industries and applications.


The company has also used this mobile satellite
technology to provide humanitarian services following a wide range of natural
and manmade disasters including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Sept. 11 World
Trade Center attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, as well as a number of floods
and wildfires.


These mobile satellite solutions also have provided
enhanced communication services to thousands of U.S. soldiers shortly before
they were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.


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