5G speed in India jumps: Is your town top of the list?

The latest Opensignal report has revealed how 5G speed has improved vs 4G speed in top towns after the launch of 5G network by Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel.
Telstra broadbandAcross the telecom circles, with 5G the download speeds are between 12.2 and 26.2 times faster, Video Experience is 19.9-32.4 percent better, and Games Experience is 14-44.4 percent improved with 5G, the report said.

The Kolkata metro circle boasts the highest 5G Availability in India, with users spending 43.6 percent of the time with an active 5G connection, followed by Gujarat (30.6 percent) and the Mumbai metro circle (30.5 percent). 5G Availability in the Delhi metro circle is more than 25 percent.

5G smartphone users in Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka enjoy more than 20 percent 5G Availability.

5G speeds in India’s telecom circles are 12.2 to 26.2 times faster than 4G. Kolkata Metro Circle, West Bengal, Gujarat, Mumbai Metro Circle, and Maharashtra Circle are the leaders in 5G speed.

West Bengal edges out with 5G speeds 17.3 times faster than 4G, followed by Madhya Pradesh (15.2x), Kolkata Metro (15.1x), and Maharashtra (14.5x) Circle.

When it comes to lightning-fast 5G download speeds, Kolkata Metro Circle is the undisputed champion, clocking in with 405.2Mbps speed. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu boast download speeds exceeding 300Mbps.

Mumbai Metro Circle, Karnataka, and Maharashtra aren’t far behind, surpassing Delhi Metro Circle’s average of 283.4Mbps. Eight other circles enjoy an average 5G download speed of over 250Mbps, while three more boast speeds above 240Mbps. The North-East together with Jammu and Kashmir are the only two circles with 5G download speeds below 200Mbps.

Kolkata Metro Circle and West Bengal lead the way with peak 5G speeds of 950.4Mbps and 919.2Mbps, respectively. Uttar Pradesh (West), Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, also fare exceptionally well with Peak speeds of more than 800Mbps.

However, Delhi Metro Circle, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka place in the lower half of the table with Peak speeds above 700Mbps. Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir is at the bottom of the table with an average 5G Peak Download speed of 562.1Mbps.