Hutchison Drei launches 5G network in Austria with ZTE

Hutchison Drei Austria has deployed Austria’s first operational 5G network – in association with ZTE — targeting business clients in Linz.
Hutchison Drei Austria 5G network with ZTEHutchison Drei Austria have offered ZTE E2E 5G solutions to business clients to exclusively test-drive the 5G internet.

ZTE and Hutchison Drei Austria have activated 20 5G sites, creating the first ever continuous 5G coverage throughout an Austrian city.

ZTE and Hutchison Drei Austria are also the first in Austria to implement the latest industrial 5G network standard.

Hutchinson Drei Austria is aiming for full 5G coverage of the city and other regions in Austria.

Hutchison Drei Austria’s CEO Jan Trionow said: “Other providers are just 5G ready or have upgraded individual transmission masts across Austria.”

ZTE launched the first 5G smartphone on the domestic market with its new flagship series ZTE Axon 10 Pro.