MTS launches Narrow Band IoT network

MTS announced the launch of the first nationwide network for IoT services and devices using Narrow Band IoT technology in Russia.
MTS IoT network Russia
MTS already  launched NB-IoT network services in 20 Russian cities, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, and Vladivostok. MTS will provide NB-IoT coverage as well as integrated services for smart devices in all large cities across Russia by the end of 2018.

MTS said most of its LTE base stations support NB-IoT network, which is deployed on the basis of IoT technology solutions from Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei, Samsung, and Cisco Systems.

MTS said its NB-IoT-based solutions will target business areas including transport, energy, mining and manufacturing, energy consumption control in housing and communal services, retail, medicine, smart home, as well as smart city infrastructure monitoring and management systems.

MTS on IoT market

2009 – MTS offered telematics solution for vehicle monitoring
2011 – MTS launched M2M Manager solution
2016 – MTS and Nokia tested the first in Russia comprehensive IoT solution and NB-IoT radio interface
2017 – MTS opened IoT lab under GSMA for testing NB-IoT solutions and IoT-services
2017 – MTS launched IoT platform with an open API

“The new infrastructure will provide a fast, cost-effective and secure connection, as well as the integration, management and maintenance of any IoT enabled device,” Kirill Dmitriev, vice president, Sales and Customer Service, MTS.

The NB-IoT network will significantly reduce the cost of implementation of IoT solutions due to the advantages of the new technology over existing standards for M2M. These include increased network capacity, high radio-sensitivity, long service life and low cost of radio modules.

MTS in November 2017 introduced a new tariff plan IoT for business. It includes seven ready-made solutions to suit different types of smart equipment and industry features for its business customers.

MTS for users of smart online cash registers is offering a bundle with up to 1 GB of mobile Internet and 300 SMS, which represents the best option for a device that regularly sends data about purchases to tax authorities online.

MTS, as part of IoT tariff plan, is offering up to 10 GB of mobile Internet plan for customer of video surveillance systems that transmit large amount of data remotely.