Sunrise, Huawei to focus on 5G for agri, manufacturing and gaming

huaweiSunrise, a Swiss telecommunications provider, in partnership with Huawei, is opening the first 5G Joint Innovation Center in Europe, for research and development of 5G applications.

At Huawei OpenLab in the center, developers of 5G applications can use a live end-to-end 5G network to test their applications/solutions under real-world conditions before launching them commercially. Huawei also provides components such as IoT sensors and end devices for test purposes.

The collaboration will focus on areas like smart farming, smart manufacturing, cloud gaming as well as AR/VR.

The 5G innovation center provides a platform for researchers to test the latest technologies used in agriculture.

At Agroscope Tänikon (Thurgau), researchers are using the new 5G network to test the latest technologies, which are designed to help farmers optimize their cows’ milk production and track their feeding behavior. The aim is to achieve the highest possible production under optimal animal welfare conditions.

5G enables high-resolution data transmission in real time, allowing farmers to directly monitor the calving process of their cows. This saves unnecessary physical check-ups in the stable and the farmers know how their cows are doing at all times.

Drones are used to measure the nitrogen content of plants, so that fertilizer can be applied in a more precise and resource-efficient manner.  Robots in farming are also becoming a reality.  Ecorobotix from Yverdon has a very well-developed prototype and is planning to enter the market.

In the future, fast 5G transmission technologies will make it possible to transfer pictures of fields immediately to the cloud. The farmers can collect the images and process them for analysis.

The international industrial company GF Machining Solutions uses Sunrise’s 5G network to build the factory of the future. According to the company, 5G makes the exact applications that are needed for the most interruption-free production process possible a reality.

One of the first innovations from the partnership, Sunrise has also built the world’s first cloud gaming service with 4K resolution via 5G.  Sunrise will launch in collaboration with its platform partner Gamestream, the Sunrise Game Cloud 5G app in November this year