Sunrise starts 5G trials in Switzerland with Huawei

Sunrise 5G in Switzerland with HuaweiSunrise has achieved 5G download data throughput of 3.28Gbit/s, the highest ever measured for a mobile internet link with 3.5GHz, in Switzerland.

Huawei, the technology partner of Sunrise for 5G trials, used cloud-based end-to-end applications, to showcase 5G performance capability including virtual reality, 360-degree panoramic live video, and twelve parallel 4K video streams on 65-inch UHD TVs.

Sunrise and Huawei said — one 5G mobile wireless connection could replace the wired Internet access in a multi-unit dwelling with twelve households — after conducting the 5G demo at the head quarter of Sunrise in Zurich.

“Even with twelve parallel data-intensive 4K TV streams, which consume about 750Mbit/s, there is still a lot of spare capacity in this early 5G phase. This would allow each household to use a number of additional Internet connections at the same time,” said Xiao Haijun, CEO of Huawei Switzerland.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise said: “We are the Unlimited Company, and we are driving digitalization today with the best 4G network and the highest area coverage in Switzerland.”