TIM achieves 20 Gigabit speed during 5G trials in Turin

TIM 5G in TurinTIM has achieved 20 Gigabit/s during its 5G trials at the Politecnico of Turin, Italy in association with telecom equipment maker Ericsson and chip vendor Qualcomm.

TIM, which activated the first 5G antenna with millimetre waves in the country, has used the 28 GHz frequency band on millimetre waves.

During the 5G trial in the city, wireless users could visit Piazza Carlo Alberto from the Politecnico of Turin, which is on the other side of the city. TIM said an avatar guide accompanied the visitor – equipped with a VR headset and sensors – in the historic venue, testing the capacities of virtual reality (VR).

The high-speed 5G network ensured an immersive experience during interaction between the guide, the virtual environment and the visitor.

With a transmission capacity 20 times greater than the current 4G one the 5G network will connect a very large number of objects and people to offer high quality, personalized and extremely engaging innovative services.

As part of Turin 5G program, TIM is developing applications dedicated to enhancing the cultural and artistic heritage as well as new solutions for the smart city, environmental monitoring, public safety, the vehicle industry, 4.0 industry, healthcare, education, mobility and road safety, logistics and smart agriculture.