TIM to expand 5G services to another six cities shortly

TIM said its 5G services, which are already available in Turin, Rome and Naples, will be expanded to another six cities, 30 tourist destinations and 50 industrial districts, within the year.
TIM Brazil networkMilan, Bologna, Verona, Florence, Matera and Bari will be the new 5G cities.

TIM 5G will be offering data speeds of up to 2 Gbps.

TIM will expand 5G network to 120 towns and cities, along with 200 tourist destinations and 245 industrial districts, by 2021. During this phase, the data speed of TIM 5G will be up to 10 Gbps. TIM aim to take 5G coverage to reach about 22 percent of the population.

5G will improve performance by ten times higher than current levels: faster download speed (at least 10 times higher than 4G), lower latency (10 times lower than 4G), a higher number of devices handled (up to 10 times) and significant use of the Internet of Things, connecting up to one million devices and sensors per km2 simultaneously.

TIM is offering 5G smartphones from Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo.

The price of TIM Advance 5G with 50 GB, unlimited calls and SMS, HD and Ultra HD video is 29.99 euros/month.

The price of TIM Advance Top with 100 GB, unlimited calls and SMS, HD and Ultra HD video is 49.99 euros/month.

5G business customers will receive 5G Unlimited offer for 60 euros/month with unlimited minutes and SMS.

TIM earlier announced the appointment of Frank Cadoret as the CEO after the resignation of Amos Genish. Amos Genish will receive 4.2 million euros, within 30 days, as part of the settlement.