Why 5G is a good option for online gaming?

5G is the future and it is already available in different flagship mobile phones around the world and soon every smartphone and mobile device will have the support for 5G.
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5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity and it loads up web pages faster, streams videos much faster than 4G and the download speeds are also much faster than any other previous generation of mobile network. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that soon 5G would actually be competing with Wi-Fi networks in terms of speeds.

With all of this in mind, most people, especially mobile gamers will have this question in their minds, is 5G good for online gaming? Well, the answer to this question is Yes, 5G is better for online gaming. 5G is a huge step up from 4G and it could improve the online gaming experience substantially with lower latency and greater speeds. Let’s have a closer look at Why 5G is a Good Option for Online Gaming:

Lightning Fast Gaming & Low Latency

In terms of speed, 5G is capable of hitting up to 10 Gbps in lab conditions and this speed is extra fast. It is faster than the Wi-Fi connection of most people. What this could mean for online gaming is that you would be getting a latency or ping around 10-15 milliseconds and it could be the difference between you knocking a headshot and getting knocked out by your opponent.

While the 5G speeds are amazing, there will be areas in different parts of the world where it will be very hard to obtain signals. In those areas, WiFi will still be a better and stable option as compared to 5G even though you are not getting extra fast speeds but you are getting stability.

Extra Fast Download Speeds

As mentioned, the 5G network is capable of reaching download speeds of 10 Gbps, and downloading anything with such an impressive speed is just a matter of a few seconds. Whether you want to download a game or game resources pack, or maps, everything can be downloaded in seconds with such a fast speed.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that it is 10 Gbps which means 10 Gigabits per second and not 10 Gigabytes per second. However, 10 Gbps is also extremely fast and when converted into gigabytes, it comes around 1.3 GB per second which is an amazingly fast download speed. These speeds, however, were achieved in lab conditions and it would be not possible to get such fast speeds in real life but still, the speeds would be much faster compared to previous generations.

These extra fast download speeds mean that you can literally download anything in just a few seconds. Mobile Games usually have small download sizes and you can easily download them in just a few moments. These extra fast speeds will also help in a faster browsing experience and you will be able to open web pages much faster and see all the breaking news first including Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari results which are announced as soon as the games end but make sure that you have got a hefty data allowance as such speeds will drain your data plan instantly.

5G is the Future of Gaming

5G is not only for mobile gaming, you can also use it for game consoles and PC to get extra fast speeds and lower latency. There are options like 5G dongles and 5G broadband routers that allow you to take advantage of the speed and power of 5G networks. You can also use your 5G enabled mobile as an internet hotspot and use the 5G network on other devices but keep one thing in mind, your data plan will be absolutely devoured by this.

Some game developers have even reached out to say that 5G will change the future of gaming and cloud gaming will soon render consoles and PCs useless for gaming. The idea is based on powerful cloud servers that will allow the gamers to stream games directly onto their TV or PC without the need of buying anything else, just a monthly subscription.

How can I start 5G Gaming?

If you are eager to try out the 5G network and see its performance on online gaming then first you would need a 5G enabled smartphone and there are a couple of such devices available in the market such as iPhone 12, OnePlus 9, Samsung Galaxy S21, etc. The next thing that you would need is to be in an area where there are 5G towers nearby and a 5G network is available.

Alternatively, you can buy a 5G Router or 5G Dongle to enjoy 5G gaming. Just remember that you need to be in an area where a 5G network is available and your device supports 5G. Once both of these things are done, you will be able to enjoy 5G gaming and see the difference.

Drawbacks of 5G Gaming

The drawbacks of the 5G network are there and the biggest drawback is the potential connection because your mobile network is as good and stable as the network/carrier it belongs to and some carriers have more stable and reliable connections than others.

Plus, your phone’s battery will get annihilated by excessive use of 5G and you would need to keep it on charge all the time. In addition, you might also find that 5G is not available in your area, not stable in your area, or the 5G speeds in your area are not really good. These are just a few drawbacks that will be soon sorted out as the time will pass by.