Ceragon Networks deploys 4×4 MIMO network in Canada for Bell Mobility

Ceragon Networks has deployed the first commercial 4×4 MIMO network in Canada for Bell Mobility.

Bell Mobility, a wireless services division of Bell Canada, aims to more than double the capacity of its wireless backhaul network by using Ceragon multi-core FibeAir IP-20C solution.

The microwave live link provides 1.6 Gbps of backhaul capacity over a single 40MHz channel.

Bell Mobility connects approximately 30 percent of its cell sites to the network via microwave – due to the fact that using fiber in rural parts of the country is not feasible. FibeAir IP-20C supports Bell Mobility to meet diverse deployment scenarios in both urban and rural settings.

“Bell Mobility is taking big steps toward preparing their network to haul LTE Advanced and even 5G future services,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon.

Ceragon claims that its FibeAir IP-20C solution is capable of delivering multi gigabit capacities over a single licensed frequency channel.

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