Delhi Metro to get high speed free Internet soon

Mobile Internet users
Delhi Metro’s 2.75 million passengers will soon experience high speed broadband Internet. The free-to-consumer service will be launched in the second half of this year.

Delhi Metro passengers across the NCR region can experience high speed broadband by logging onto the internet via a dedicated App. This App will also display the location, approach and destination stations on a real-time basis and help navigate between different lines.

The initiative is done by Techno Sat Comm and PING Network, providers of video networks.

Techno Sat Comm already runs India’s first Wi-Fi on train service on the Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express. It uses the T-Track 2.0 Wave 2 Solution, which is also used on rail networks like the Thalys, SNCF and NTV in Europe, to deliver broadband internet. The WiFi service will ensure a 50 Mbps minimum speed to passengers’ devices while the maximum speed could go up to 1.6 Gbps as per Wave 2 standards.

“We have adapted the technology to India keeping in mind adverse weather conditions including heat, dust, heavy rains, vibration of trains and large passenger loads. We look forward to deliver a great passenger Wi-Fi and Multimedia experience to fulfill DMRC’s vision to enhance passenger experience and delight,” said Nirav Dave of Techno Sat Comm.

PING, whose network comprises of channels like the popular India Food Network and BOOM, and averages 350 million views a month, will be building the front-end customer interface as well as the content pipe.