Huawei completes eOTDR tests on China Telecom’s live FTTx network

Telecom equipment vendor Huawei has completed Embedded OTDR (eOTDR) commercial use tests on China Telecom’s live network. The solution helps the mobile operator to test and maintenance of FTTx network.

This is for the first time that eOTDR test is happening on a live network.

China Telecom implemented Huawei’s iManager N2510/eOTDR solution and completed testing across their entire live network. This solution can locate all backbone fiber faults and the majority of branch fiber faults, work with a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) to demarcate faults and reduce 40 percent O&M field engineer workload.

Once ODN construction is completed, this solution can test fiber quality and maintain quality data, report alarms in the event of quality deterioration by implementing periodic testing and facilitate rapid response troubleshooting to reduce compliant and improve customer satisfaction.

Huawei completes eOTDR tests on China Telecom live FTTx network

In a statement, Huawei said the tests validated eOTDR test and diagnosis function for optic fiber, and will speed up the commercialization process of eOTDR.

China Telecom faced fiber maintenance issues when it deployed large-scale FTTx networks. These issues include fiber cuts caused by construction or rodent damage.

China Telecom is benefitting now as an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) uses scattered and reflected light to measure transmission quality along optical fibers, and is primarily used for fiber testing and troubleshooting.

Huawei’s eOTDR identify physical connections and optical fiber attenuation. OTDR-embedded optical modules are the same size as standard optical modules and can be deployed on an FTTx network to assist with troubleshooting.

The company claims that this technique does not require serious network reconstruction, such as fiber connection modifications or optical network terminal (ONT) adjustment, nor does it interrupt services during the troubleshooting process. This technique improves fiber troubleshooting efficiency and reduces management costs.

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