SK Broadband launches new 100G fiber optic network, powered by Alcatel-Lucent

Telecom Lead Asia: SK Broadband, a broadband service provider in Korea, has launched a new 100G fiber optic network. It is powered by Alcatel-Lucent.


Rajeev Singh-Molares, president, Asia Pacific for Alcatel-Lucent

SK Broadband is expected to address demand for IPTV, HD video, Internet access, voice over IP, and advanced business services in Seoul and the neighboring GyungGi province.


For Alcatel-Lucent, this is one of the main broadband deals in Korea. The telecom equipment and solutions major is also very active in China.


However, Alcatel-Lucent is yet to sign any major deal with mobile operators who are deploying TD-LTE networks, which are gaining momentum in India.



Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical coherent technology will enable SK Broadband to manage rapidly growing data traffic loads cost-effectively while providing the quality and reliability to South Korea’s demanding consumers and business users.


The fiber optic networking technology, according to Alcatel-Lucent, will address SK Broadband’s technical performance requirements, keep costs in check and reduce power consumption.


Moreover, SK Broadband will be able to adapt the network quickly to meet changing patterns in data traffic and customer demand, and offers the capability to support very high-capacity data transmission capacity up to 8.8 terabits in the future.


“Our 100G technology, proven in the global market, will dramatically expand the capacity of SK Broadband’s network, helping ensure an excellent quality of experience for their subscribers. As importantly, we are providing SK Broadband with a flexible platform that they can use to expand their capacity to 400G down the road, with only a minimal investment,” said Rajeev Singh-Molares, president, Asia Pacific for Alcatel-Lucent.


Alcatel-Lucent said it is supplying SK Broadband with its 100G optical coherent technology employed in the 1830 Photonic Service Switch, developed using the company’s recently introduced Photonic Service Engine, 400G chip.


With the 1830 PSS, SK Broadband can support a mixture of 10G, 40G and 100G channels on the same fiber pair, making it possible to reuse its existing optical infrastructure and expand capacity as needed to meet growing demand.

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