Top wireline service provider market share in May 2013, BSNL leads

TRAI, telecom regulator, has shared top wireline service providers market share for May 2013. BSNL leads the wireline service provider market share.

BSNL has 67.05 percent market share in the wireline (fixed phone) segment in May 2013.

MTNL is in the second ranking with 11.90 percent market share.

Bharti Airtel has 11.01 percent market share.

Wireline subscriber base declined from 29.99 million in April 2013 to 29.85 million in May 2013.

wireline service providers in May 2013

Net reduction in wireline subscriber base was 0.14 million.

The share of urban subscribers increased from 77.93 percent to 78.03 percent where as share of rural subscribers has declined from 22.07 percent to 21.97 percent.

The overall wireline Teledensity has decreased from 2.45 in April 2013 to 2.43 in May 2013, with urban and rural Teledensity being 6.22 and 0.77 respectively.

BSNL and MTNL, the two PSU operators hold 78.95 percent of the wireline market share.

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