Amagi unveils live linear OTT playout platform based on CLOUDPORT

amagiAmagi, a provider of cloud-based broadcast infrastructure and targeted TV advertising, has announced live and linear OTT channels on the cloud.

“CLOUDPORT OTT has all the features that traditional TV networks need. It is built on a secure, reliable, and scalable Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure, complete with an in-built feature to block geo-specific content to manage content rights obligations,” said K. A. Srinivasan, co-founder, Amagi.

The TV networks and content owners associated with Amagi can now launch and operate a unified platform for linear, catch up, and Video-On-Demand (VoD) TV, without any hardware.

The award winning CLOUDPORT OTT claims to support advanced graphics functions like dynamic graphics, digital video effects, and real-time social media integration capability alongside switching to live feeds.

The platform comes with a live MCR capability on the cloud, with entire OTT playout workflow managed remotely using a web-based UI.

“The platform seamlessly integrates with Amagi’s server-side OTT ad insertion solution, THUNDERSTORM, to monetize content effectively. This way TV networks and content owners have access to an integrated platform for OTT playout and monetization, simplifying overall operations,” added Srinivasan.

Amagi will display the CLOUDPORT OTT at the forthcoming IBC 2016 conference in Amsterdam. The company revealed CLOUDPORT in November last year claiming that the technology enables broadcasters to bypass or minimize the use of transponders and fibre networks, cutting down costs by about one-tenth.

Also, in August 2015, Amagi launched a managed playout service that helps broadcasters simplify video content preparation, management and delivery using its cloud platform and added an ad insertion product tagged Thuderstorm delivering targeted advertising for premium live sports and news feeds.

Vina Krishnan

[email protected]