ORBIT launches OceanTRx maritime stabilized mobile VSAT platform

TelecomLead @ CommunicAsia 2013: ORBIT Communication Systems has launched its OceanTRx maritime stabilized mobile VSAT platform for Asian telecom markets.

The connectivity solutions provider for mobile satellite communications says Asia’s international maritime industries will benefit from the OceanTRx family which consists of the OceanTRx-4 and OceanTRx-7 platforms.

OceanTRx-4 supports 1.15m stabilized maritime antenna system configurations in multiband frequencies, such as X, Ku and Ka bands and different BUC power units.

In addition, OceanTRx-4 brings the benefits of ACM and saves satellite bandwidth compared to smaller platforms, resulting in lower overall ownership cost. Moreover, OceanTRx 4 is designed to meet stringent environmental standards including shocks, bumps and vibrations.

OceanTRx-7 requires about 88 percent less deck space and weighing at least 40 percent less than other solutions.

OceanTRx-7offers numerous configurations in multiband frequencies such as C, Ku and Ka bands and at different BUC power units.OceanTRx-7is built for easy installation, upgrade and maintenance, and combines exceptional RF performance and system availability. OceanTRx-drastically lowers shipping costs.

“Asia’s maritime industries are the backbone of the region’s economic growth. ORBIT’s OceanTRx series features a variety of configurations, frequencies and power capabilities to address a wide range of maritime markets from oil & gas to cruise, commercial shipping, and naval,” said Ofer Greenberger, ORBIT’s CEO.

Designed for on-board serviceability and maintainability, OceanTRx-4 and OceanTRx-7 feature a highly accessible pedestal design enabling efficient service support and field upgrade process without requiring accurate or periodic balancing.

The OceanTRx product line shares common electronic field-replaceable units (FRUs), allowing lower cost of ownership, easier maintenance support, and shorter service response times.

picture source: ex-pert.co.il

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