SK Telecom and Sinclair ink JV to tap broadcasting market

SK Telecom and Sinclair Broadcast announced their venture to tap the global broadcasting solutions market.
SK Telecom and Sinclair BroadcastThe joint venture company will develop innovative broadcasting solutions based on ATSC 3.0, the next-generation broadcast transmission standard, with the aim to commercialize the solutions for the first time in the U.S. market in 2019.

Park Jung-ho, CEO of SK Telecom and Chris Ripley, CEO of Sinclair, signed the joint venture agreement. Both SK Telecom and Sinclair did not reveal financial details or investment plans.

ATSC 3.0 will support several advancements including mobile viewing, 3D television, 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD), high dynamic range (HDR), high frame rate (HFR), and wide color gamut (WCG) picture quality, as well as immersive audio.

ATSC 3.0 enables data communications in broadcasting bands. It will support two-way communication between broadcasting companies and user’s smartphone/vehicle/TV by recognizing user’s personal IP address.

The broadcasting solutions based on ATSC 3.0, which enables data communications in broadcasting bands, will assist operators to generate revenue from new services such as personalized advertisement and in-vehicle terrestrial TV broadcasting and map updates, said SK Telecom.