3G / 4G operator Vimpelcom Lao expands international IP capacity using DiViCloud virtual network

Telecom Lead America: Vimpelcom Lao, a 3G and 4G mobile operator and member of the VimpleCom group, has expanded its international IP capacity using the DiViCloud virtual network.

The DiViCloud network delivers IP capacity at half price to any location on top of any existing carriers. DiViCloud expands existing capacity by leveraging smart nodes located at major Internet junctions, combined with a unique optimization technology.

“DiViNetworks changes the equation when it comes to wholesale international data capacity,” said Mathieu Ploton, head of IP Networks at Vimpelcom Lao. “The demand for capacity requires us to seek affordable solutions, and DiViCloud is a great one. We will continue to use DiViCloud as we expand.”

Vimpelcom Lao receives physical capacity from LANIC and True IP providers. The virtual capacity added byDiViCloud is delivered from the points-of-presence (PoPs) in Hong Kong. The virtual capacity is added on top of the web caching mechanism employed already by Vimpelcom Lao.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by Vimpelcom Lao,” said Eli Lifshits, director of Sales at DiViNetworks. “We have invested in expanding our virtual network to Asia and Russia, and now have the infrastructure to equip ISPs in the region with affordable virtual capacity.”

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