3U OpenVPX-REDI MCP500 and GFG500 offer faster time to market, flexibility

GE Intelligent Platforms announced the 3U OpenVPX-REDI
GFG500 Gigabit Ethernet Video Processor and the 3U OpenVPX-REDI MCP500 Processor

Using the Tilera TILEPro64 many-core processor, these
rugged boards are designed for demanding video and network processing
applications that will be deployed in harsh environments, such as unmanned
aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground vehicles.

The GFG500 is designed for demanding video processing
applications and is pre-loaded with GE’s powerful and sophisticated algorithms
for capturing and processing multiple simultaneous video streams from Gigabit
Ethernet-compliant video sources, providing optimum speed of implementation and
time to market.

The MCP500 is a general purpose, many core processor
platform designed to provide customers with a powerful, flexible platform which
can accelerate software applications through multiprocessing.

The MCP500 is an ideal rugged processing engine for
netcentric applications such as packet processing, intrusion detection/deep
packet inspection, unified threat management, network monitoring and forensics
in tactical wireline and wireless environments.

As unmanned vehicles especially unmanned aerial vehicles
assume greater significance in the gathering and communication of intelligence,
so the requirement to capture, process and distribute highly detailed video
information is becoming an absolute requirement,” said Chris Jobling, product
manager, GE Intelligent Platforms.  

The GFG500 and MCP500 respond to this requirement by
delivering outstanding video and networking performance within the compact,
lightweight footprint of the 3U VPX format while their ruggedness means that
they can be deployed in the harshest of environments.

The Tilera TILEPro64 700MHz processor at the heart of the
GFG500 and MCP500 features an 8 x 8 grid of 64 general purpose processor cores
for compute-intensive applications.

This processor delivers performance processing for
demanding applications in image processing and networking by exploiting the
natural parallelism inherent in applications such as video (pixel and frame
parallel), network (session and packet parallel), and wireless (channel

Both also include four banks of 512MBytes DDR2 800 SDRAM
together with two 10 Gigabit Ethernet XAUI interfaces and two 4-lane PCI
Express interfaces to enable the building of complex systems – which can be
configured as either root complex or end point mode.

Operating in conjunction with a single board computer and
graphics processing unit, such as GE’s SBC340 and GRA111, the GFG500 has been
successfully integrated into multi sensor vision systems, capable of
simultaneously processing ten 1392 x 1024 GigE Vision video streams at 30Hz.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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