Agilent unveils a portable and fully integrated Optical Modulation Analyzer for testing 40/100G


By Telecom Lead Team:Agilent Technologies launched Agilent N4392A, a portable,
fully integrated optical modulation analyzer with a laptop-size


The new compact optical modulation analyzer is more
accessible to all engineers, analyzing complex modulated optical signals during
development and manufacturing of 40/100G coherent transmitters and receivers.


Furthermore, its 15-inch analysis screen shows more
information at the same time, making it easier for engineers to characterize
complex modulated optical signals.


The analyzer enables engineers to characterize components
like in-phase quadrature modulators and integrated coherent receivers designed
according to industry standards for 100G coherent transmission.


Its built-in performance verification and recalibration
routines deliver high- confidence test results and extend the recommended
recalibration period, improving uptime and lowering the cost of ownership.


The N4392A offers four differential RF input channels to
help engineers characterize integrated coherent optical receivers. This makes
the new instrument an ideal tool for R&D engineers involved in 40/100G
characterization and debugging.


  40/100G technology has gained broad acceptance in
the last few years. We are committed to this application field and are proud to
provide sophisticated test instrumentation for high-end research as well as
affordable engineering test equipment to support the ramp of 100G technology in
development and manufacturing,” said Juergen Beck, general manager of Agilent’s
Digital and Photonic Test Division.


The N4392A is optimized for 40/100 Gbit/s test
requirements and extends Agilent’s portfolio of optical modulation analyzers.


The new optical modulation analyzer family offers novel
signal-processing algorithms for modulation-format-transparent polarization
alignment and phase tracking. The family also offers chromatic dispersion and
first-order polarization mode-dispersion measurement and compensation.


Recently,  the
company announced enhancements to its N7109A multi-channel signal
analyzer for emerging multichannel LTE, LTE-Advanced and MIMO RF
measurement requirements, including LTE antenna beamforming and LTE-Advanced
carrier aggregation.


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