Broadcom unveils 100GbE Multi-Rate Gearbox PHYs

Telecom Lead America: Broadcom
Corporation has expanded its portfolio of 10GbE, 40GbE and now 100GbE physical
layer device with new low power and high performance multi-rate 100 Gigabit
Ethernet (GbE) physical layer transceivers (PHYs) for next-generation data
center, enterprise and core networks.

The new Broadcom
BCM84790 and BCM84793 gearbox PHYs offers the first multi-rate
interface for 4-lane (4×25 Gbps) and 10-lane (10×10 Gbps) bi-directional

The company said that the BCM84790 and BCM84793 are sampling
now and production release is scheduled for the second half of 2012.

“Our new 100GbE gearbox PHYs achieve the industry’s
highest performance and lowest power consumption, a combination which is very
difficult to achieve. These industry-leading PHYs also offer the unique
advantage of enabling new 100G applications with backward-compatibility to
existing 10GbE and 40GbE rates,” said Lorenzo Longo, vice president &
general manager, High Speed Interconnect Products at Broadcom.

The low power 40 nm CMOS architecture dissipates only 2.5
watts per port, delivering power savings of more than 35 percent as compared to
previously available solutions.

The BCM84790 features a space-saving 17x17mm BGA package
specifically engineered to support CFP network applications. The BCM84793
features a 19x19mm BGA package with the ability to support 10-lane
bi-directional transmissions at 10 Gbps each.

The BCM84790 and BCM84793 are optimized for IT professionals
who design and manage high-bandwidth data center and enterprise networks.

Furthermore, the BCM84790 and BCM84793 gearbox PHYs have the
ability to multiplex and demultiplex data across four 25 Gbps channels to (or
from) ten 10Gbps channels.

 Both devices can also be configured to support four
bi-directional lanes at 10Gbps for 40GbE repeater applications, support
Ethernet and optical transport networking, and are compliant with the IEEE
802.3ba standard for 100GbE and ITU OTL 4.4 signaling.

Broadcom launches two 10GBASE-T physical layer transceivers

Recently, Broadcom Corporation launched two 10GBASE-T
physical layer transceivers (PHYs). Broadcom claims that it extends the
benefits of EEE to include all device speeds including 1GbE.

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