Carrier IQ extends its IQ Care platform



Telecom Lead Team:
Carrier IQ has
announced the extension of their IQ Care platform, which will enable mobile
operators to provide consumers with direct insight into their personal mobile


The new module will enable mobile operators to include
customer experience analytics in their customer service portal.


The platform will allow consumers to better understand
and resolve issues regarding the health and performance of their device,
applications, battery life, network coverage and dropped calls.


The new platform will be available in Q2 2012.


Customer Care is the fastest growing cost for many
mobile operators, despite the fact that most consumers really don’t like
calling for help because it takes so long to figure out what is wrong,” said
Larry Lenhart, CEO, Carrier IQ.


The company said that earlier, its IQ Care was available
only to customer care agents at mobile operators who used the platform to
diagnose customer problems when they were called for technical support issues.


The company added that IQ Care provides mobile operators
with diagnostics on what is actually wrong with the device or the network, thus
reducing technical support calls by up to 10 minutes per call.


Industry figures suggest that smartphone users are twice
as likely to call for support as feature phone users, but two-thirds of
smartphone users would prefer self-help tools to calling into customer care.


Further, smartphones have a much higher no-fault-found
(NFF) return rate than feature phones, accounting for up to 40 percent of
returned devices.


Carrier IQ’s technology allows mobile operators to
identify and solve issues relating to an individual device, the company added.


Recently,  Protected Mobility, a mobile application security provider, included Carrier IQ to its
existing spyware and malware detection list through its latest release of
ProtectedSMS for Android

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