Shazam unveils fastest mobile content tagging and sharing using Android Beam



Telecomlead Team:
  Shazam, a media discovery
company, claimed that it has developed the world’s fastest mobile content
identification experience for music, broadcast media and television


Shazam is also one of the select developers showcasing
integration with Android Beam.


With Android Beam, Shazam users can instantly share
content and unique offers from brands with friends just by touching two
NFC-enabled Android phones back-to-back.


Beam will be available on NFC-enabled Android devices
running on Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The new capability is scheduled to
be live in the Shazam App as part of a major update within the coming weeks.


With our new algorithm, Shazam fans will be able
to get a tag result in as little as one second. We believe that near instant
identification creates the most efficient way possible to discover, purchase
and share the music, television content and brand offers that our loyal users
love,” said Alex Musil, EVP product for Shazam. 


The company said that a number of improvements have
already been released for the Shazam App on Android.


The improvements include enhancements to improve
recognition speed. Another significant step that will make the app even faster
will be released this week on the Android operating system with iOS to follow
in the coming weeks.


With the new release, songs, television adverts and other
content can be identified in a fraction of the time it previously took, making
it even faster for people to discover their favorite songs and unlock content
in television shows and ads.


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