Carroll Technologies to distribute Lockheed Martin’s Emergency Wireless Communication System for Mines

Lockheed Martin and Carroll Technologies Group have
signed a distribution agreement for a new wireless, through-the-earth
communications system designed specifically to help the mining industry improve
post-accident emergency communications.


Under the agreement, Lockheed Martin will provide the technology and manufacturing of the MagneLink Magnetic
Communication System (MCS), which delivers voice communication and texting to
trapped miners during a disaster. Carroll Technologies Group will act as the
distributor, sales and service supplier of the system.


“Lockheed Martin’s technology, paired with Carroll
Technologies Group’s presence and experience in the mining industry, provides
trapped miners the means to communicate with rescuers when no other form of
contact is possible. It’s gratifying to apply our advanced communications and
signal processing expertise in a new way to save lives.” said Richard
Holmberg, vice president, Lockheed Martin. 


MagneLink is a self-contained, portable communications system that provides two-way voice
and text communications by transmitting magnetic waves through the earth. This
technology eliminates the need for transmission wires and in-ground
infrastructure required for standard radio communications. MagneLink also is
capable of interfacing with miners’ hand-held emergency radios.


“One of the reasons for our more than three decades
of success is that we continually seek to build relationships with companies
who are leaders in their field, such as Lockheed Martin. We are very pleased
that they have chosen to leverage our extensive sales and service network for
this breakthrough product,” said Mike Hastings, chief executive officer,
Carroll Technologies.


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