CES 2012: Verizon to showcase 4G LTE mobile wireless storage by Seagate

By Telecom Lead Team: Verizon Wireless and Seagate will
be showcasing a new technology demonstration of 4G LTE integrated into a
Seagate Mobile Wireless Storage device for use with smartphones and tablets. 

The 4G LTE-connected Mobile Wireless Storage technology
will demonstrate the ability to: expand the storage capacity of mobile device
with enough space to enjoy over 300 HD movies on an iPad or Android tablet.

Users will be able to download music, movies and photos
over 4G LTE and stream it all over Wi-Fi for up to three of your mobile
devices. Also, users can use the lightning fast Verizon 4G LTE network to
connect to an endless library of entertainment in your pocket and provide
Internet connectivity for up to three Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices.

Earlier this year, Seagate joined a multi-party
development collaboration agreement along with other Verizon certified LTE
partners, Novatel Wireless
and SkyCross, to develop
the Seagate 4G LTE Mobile Wireless Storage.

Based on market and customer feedback, this Mobile
Wireless Storage solution is a potential future product collaboration between
Verizon and Seagate.

“Seagate continues to innovate in new ways for
consumers to enjoy their use of storage technologies. This showcase of 4G LTE
storage opens up a whole new world of possibilities for consumers to access the
content they desire on the go,” said Scott Horn, vice president of global
marketing for Seagate.

The Seagate 4G LTE Mobile Wireless Storage is a portable,
rechargeable battery-powered storage device with up to five hours of battery
life and emits a Wi-Fi b/g/n signal for accessing content on the device.
 It is compatible with all Wi-Fi-enabled iOS and Android phones and
tablets that include a browser. 

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