CES 2012: Visteon to launch in-vehicle wireless charging technology

By Telecom
Lead Team: Visteon Corporation, a global automotive supplier, is planning to
launch its first in-vehicle wireless charging system in 2013 with a major
vehicle manufacturer.

Visteon will
be among the first automotive suppliers to bring wireless charging into a
high-volume production vehicle platform.   

Visteon will
display its wireless charging capabilities at the International CES in Las

technology provides a convenient way to ensure portable electronics equipped
with compatible inductive charging receivers are always charged and ready to
go. It eliminates the need for dedicated power cords for each portable device
in the vehicle. The user simply places the device on Visteon’s charger, and
power is transferred wirelessly to the portable device, at a rate comparable to
a plug-in power cord. The wireless charger contains intelligence that can
determine if an object is in close proximity to the charger, and whether the
object can be charged.

Visteon is
working with several wireless charging technology partners on its current
product offering.

for this technology is rising sharply, and we see a tremendous opportunity for
wireless power in the automotive market. We’re looking forward to our first
high-volume production program using this technology, and we’re committed to
integrating new wireless charging-enabled devices in vehicles as the market
expands,” said Albert Faraj, Visteon‘s
global director, electronics sales and strategy.

Visteon is a
global automotive supplier that designs, engineers and manufactures innovative
climate, electronic, interior and lighting products for vehicle manufacturers.

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