China Telecom is the Overall Best Managed Company in Asia

In addition, Wang Xiaochu, chairman and CEO of China Telecom, was named the Best CEO in China,” and Madam Wu Andi, executive vice president and CFO of the company, was awarded the “Best CFO in China”.




The other awards to China Telecom include: No. 1 Best Managed Company in China, No. 1 Best Corporate Governance in China, No. 1 Best Investor Relations in China, No. 1 Best Corporate Social Responsibility in China and Best Telecom Company in Asia.



FinanceAsia conducts an annual poll to solicit fund managers’ and equity analysts’ views on the region’s best managed companies. Investors are asked to rank companies in 10 Asian countries based on the criteria including overall management, corporate governance, investor relations and corporate social responsibility. This year, the 11th annual poll, FinanceAsia tallied votes from more than 300 investors and analysts in Asia.



The grand awards above exhibit that fund managers, analysts and capital market participants appreciate China Telecom’s outstanding management performance and corporate governance with high regard for its execution capability and the leading standard of transparency in Asia.




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