Ericsson wins LTE Award



Ericsson received Informa’s LTE Award at LTE World Summit in Amsterdam for best contribution to R&D for LTE. The award recognizes the contribution towards the research and development of LTE regarding investments made into R&D and research projects undertaken and how the R&D activities have had a positive impact on making LTE commercially successful.






As a result of its extensive investments in R&D and field experience of LTE deployments, Ericsson has had the highest impact on the released LTE specifications and expects to hold 25 percent of all essential patents in LTE.






Ericsson has been trusted to supply the large majority of the commercial LTE networks globally including the world’s first commercial LTE network as well as the world’s largest commercial installation of LTE to date. LTE today covers 200 million people and Ericsson networks enable 130 million of those to enjoy a LTE service.





To secure a fast and smooth commercial rollout, Ericsson focuses on supporting user experience being the preferred and largest LTE chipset verification partner and introducing Self Organizing Networks (SON) in the LTE environment. The Ericsson solution for Self Organizing Networks (SON) is crucial for the quick deployment of commercial LTE, offering customers standardized plug and play” networks with a high degree of automation, saving time while improving performance.





Including all technology areas, Ericsson holds a total of 27 000 granted patents, employs more than 18,000 persons in R&D units spread over 17 countries.




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