Ciena Showcases New Application-Aware Cloud Backbone Solution at EMC World

Ciena Corporation has announced that it will demonstrate new cloud networking capabilities at EMC World, May 9-12, 2011 in Las Vegas and at TM Forum Management World, May 23-26, 2011 in Dublin.





At EMC World, Ciena will demonstrate interoperability with EMC’s VPLEX Metro and VPLEX GEO virtualization solutions for enterprise cloud storage over metro and long-haul distances. Ciena and EMC have jointly qualified VPLEX Metro to work with Ciena’s ActivSpan 4200 Advanced Services Platform,  ActivSpan 5200 Advanced Services Platform, and ActivFlex 6500 Packet-Optical Platform.





Ciena and EMC are also qualifying Ciena’s Enterprise Services Optimization Module (ESOM) solution to support EMC’s VPLEX GEO over extended distance. Ciena and EMC will show before”  and “after” conditions to illustrate the joint solution value in private and public cloud networks, including demonstrations of workload mobility – a move of live virtual machines over 200 km – and an application-triggered VPLEX demo that shows automatic bandwidth-on-demand allocation – in reaction to workload changes.





Additionally, Ciena will also showcase solution integration with EMC’s Ionix Server Manager and Ionix Network Configuration Manager, which provide IT managers with an end-to-end view of their EMC configuration, including Ciena network elements.





EMC VPLEX enables IT organizations to federate storage and take advantage of remote data centers for end-of-period workload peaks, disaster avoidance or instant capacity for a new project. By integrating VPLEX with Ciena’s wide/metro area-networking products, IT organizations can realize the true benefits of virtual storage by eliminating the network and latency issues that could impact performance when moving workloads between data centers”, said Brian Gallagher, president, Symmetrix and Virtualization Product Group at EMC.





At TM Forum Management World, Ciena will join Infonova, Layer7 and Zimory in a Cloud Network Elasticity Catalyst Demonstration of a scalable enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure leveraging bandwidth-on-demand, sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Deutsche Telekom.





The Catalyst demonstrates an integrated infrastructure and service offering, combining flexible, SLA-assured, secure computing power with elastic and scalable storage supported by a high-performance backbone and bandwidth-on-demand. Service creation, monitoring and billing operations are combined with orchestrated, on-demand resource management. Ciena’s packet optical and Carrier Ethernet architecture provides the high-performance, on-demand backbone network within the distributed cloud computer – with control plane-driven optical core mesh providing key bandwidth-on-demand capabilities.   





Participants and attendees will have an opportunity to test and evaluate the different options for delivering such offerings in wholesale as well as retail markets.





With an elastic, self-service, pay-per-use business model with service guarantees, cloud networking requires a new architectural perspective – an evolutionary but transformative approach that borrows concepts and best practices from Internet-style consumption, private network performance, control and security, and public network flexibility and scale. When applied to bandwidth, our software and switching intelligence enables our customers to automatically deliver on-demand capacity in response to application demands, enabling new levels of control and elasticity for enterprises and new potential sources of revenue for network operators”, says Steve Alexander, SVP & CTO, Ciena Corporation.





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