Comarch helps LG U+ to launch 5G network in Korea

Comarch has assisted LG U+ in the launch of its 5G network in Korea by revamping the approach to network resources and service monitoring.
LG UPlus Capex 2018Krakow, Poland-based Comarch said its solution breaks down IT architecture silos and enables efficient fulfillment of modern 5G-based services, increasing network management effectiveness and cutting associated costs through automation.

This network launch for LG U+ is the first step toward comprehensive migration from an in-house solution to a modern and comprehensive telco ecosystem.

Comarch ensured future efficient fulfillment of 5G services, automated network management, support for network virtualization and new tools to create logical connectivity layers – as part of the preparation for the 5G network deployment.

Comarch’s Intelligent Assurance & Analytics module gathers 5G network data. LG U+ will continue implementing the solution in its mobile and fixed networks to develop the heart of its 5G network, service and customer operations.

“Reaching this milestone is a great success for the whole project team, including Comarch, LG CNS and LG U+ employees,” said Paweł Workiewicz, CEO of Comarch Korea division.

China-based Huawei is the main supplier of 5G network to LG U+. The telecom operator has deployed 5G base stations at more than 10,000 sites in Korea. LG U+ and Huawei also demonstrated the ultra-HD video and VR services based on 5G networks and enable new 5G commercial applications.

LG U+ engineers have deployed Huawei 5G AAU on the network to provide continuous coverage of 5G network. The average data rate of Golden Cluster in Gangnam District exceeds 900Mbps.

LG U+, one of the first few early adopters of 5G technology in the world, earlier said its Capex (capital expenditure) for 2018 reached KRW 1,397 billion (+22.8 percent). LG U+ said its wireless Capex reached KRW 340.3 billion (+29.9 percent) and wireline Capex reached KRW 646.1 (–5.8 percent).

Baburajan K