DQE Communications begins expansion of fiber optic network for business

Pittsburgh-based DQE Communications, one of
the providers of commercial-grade fiber optic networking to businesses in the Pittsburgh area, has launched a major expansion of its
network, beginning with the acquisition of Met-Net Communications effective July 1, 2011.


acquisition will be seamless for Met-Net customers because the company’s
network has been powered by DQE Communications
since Met-Net’s inception. Met-Net
customers will continue to receive DQE Communications’ secure, business-class
fiber connectivity, and will be backed by DQE Communications’ highly trained
customer service and operations teams.


DQE Communications provides fully scalable metro-ethernet, dark
fiber, Internet and co-location services.


connections our customers can access are incredibly fast and stable. For
example, DQE’s dark fiber service is approximately 65,000 times faster than a
T1 line, and can transfer a 12.5GB file in approximately one second. For
businesses that move a lot of data, that kind of speed can save an exceptional
amount of time and money,” said David Weber,
president of DQE Communications.


one of the most robust networks in the Pittsburgh
metro area and surrounding region today, DQE’s network expansion efforts will
enable them to provide even greater service to businesses in Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Indiana,
Washington and Westmoreland


of the results of DQE Communications’ network expansion will be jobs. “We
are adding to all phases of our operation — from sales to support operations
— so customers in all areas will benefit from the top-notch reliability and
customer service DQE Communications is known for, including fast
installations,” Weber added.


also points out that there is a significant difference between DQE
Communications and other business networking providers. DQE Communications has
the largest contiguous regional fiber network designed with “ring
topology” that provides a level of reliability unmatched by the
competition.  This built-in redundancy gives the company extraordinary
measures of dependability.


technology and cloud computing are just a few of the drivers for future
bandwidth demand growth. DQE Communications is well positioned to be the
premier local provider of metro-ethernet services.


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