Hurricane Electric announces support for world IPv6 launch


By Telecom Lead
 Hurricane Electric, a colocation provider, announced its support of
the World IPv6 launch, scheduled for June 6, 2012.

The World IPv6 launch
is sponsored by the Internet Society.

Hurricane Electric‘s global IPv6 backbone will provide IPv6 transit to many of the websites and
vendors participating in the launch and will be supporting much of the
increased IPv6 traffic flow for the launch.

“Since the 2001
launch of our global IPv6 network, every day has been IPv6 Day at Hurricane
Electric. The opportunity to be at the forefront of this historic transition
across the globe and ensure that the Internet thrives in the years to come is
exciting. With the significant support of Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 backbone,
World IPv6 Launch Day will succeed,” said Martin Levy, director of IPv6
Strategy at Hurricane Electric.

The company said that
during the World IPv6 Launch, IPv6 will be permanently enabled by some of the
world’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and web content providers.

Seven ISPs will ensure
that by the time of the launch, at least 1 percent of their users will use IPv6
to connect to IPv6 enabled websites.

Furthermore, the websites
Facebook, Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo! will permanently enable IPv6

Hurricane Electric
added that over the last several months, it solidified its position as an IPv6
leader by connecting to some of the largest Internet exchanges in the world.

The company maintains
over 7,000 concurrent Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) sessions and connects to
more than 2,000 networks at fifty exchange points in Europe, Asia and North

A few months
back, Hurricane Electric partnered with Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK), to introduce the
first IPv6 Certification Program in Asia.

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