IBM launches social networking platform with real-time compliance capabilities

IBM announced an expansion of its software portfolio to

help organizations embrace the power of social business. As part of today’s
news IBM delivering IBM Connections, the industry’s first social networking
platform with real-time compliance capabilities.


The new IBM Connections software allows
organizations to track and trace data on the fly throughout their
organizations. This information can be analyzed and is discoverable in
real-time using the IBM Connections active compliance service versus waiting
until day end for analysis.


The adoption of social software is on the rise and
rapidly becoming a vital business tool, enabling organizations to transform
virtually every part of their business operations from marketing, customer
service and sales, to product development and human resources.


The market opportunity for social platforms is expected
to grow by a factor of nearly two billion worldwide by 2014, according to IDC. Organizations, both in
regulated industries and those beginning to experiment with social technology,
inevitably have questions about security and compliance.



A growing challenge for global organizations is the
ability to manage risk while harnessing insights from a wide variety of social
communities and remaining compliant with their own governance policies,
including practices dictated by their regulatory requirements.


recently said that “by the end of 2013, half of all companies will be
forced to produce material from social media websites for e-discovery so
enterprises need an overall governance strategy for all applications and


The new IBM Connections 3.01 software uses microblogs,
wikis, communities and activities to collaborate with clients, partners and
employees. The social networking platform delivers enterprise-quality
compliance capabilities providing the ability to monitor, track and quickly pull
out relevant data around conversations, posts and file uploads in real-time.


This electronic trail of online interactions helps
organizations meet their policy needs while working at the speed of social
networking. IBM plans to provide these industry agnostic compliance
capabilities for clients through collaboration with Actiance,
a leader in compliance capabilities.


In the third quarter, IBM is expected to introduce
Actiance Vantage for IBM Connections, which archives and logs social content to
help enterprises remain compliant with corporate and government regulations.
Actiance software is used by nine of the top 10 U.S. banks and more than 1,600
organizations globally for the security, management and compliance of unified
communications, Web 2.0 and social media channels.


“The benefits of social business are too great to
ignore. With these new advancements around compliance enablement, a social
business can confidently activate networks of people to use a variety of
collaborative tools, to improve and accelerate innovation,” said Karthik
Padmanabhan, country manager – IBM social business and collaboration solutions,
IBM Software Group, India / SA.


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