JT selects Infotech Enterprises for deploying GIS solution to support FTTH network in Jersey

Telecom Lead India: JT, a global communications provider,
has selected Infotech Enterprises Europe, for deploying an integrated GIS
solution to support for launching Fiber-To-The Home (FTTH) network in
Jersey, Europe.


Working with both domestic and business customers, JT is
the largest provider of data services in the Channel Islands including hosting
and e-gaming.


The communications service provider is replacing its
copper network with a new FTTH infrastructure by 2016. This will allow the
90,000 people to access to ultra-fast broadband connectivity as well as
ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) and community-based


Infotech Enterprises, selected as a business partner in
conjunction with Telcordia, will drive operational and cost efficiencies into
JT’s NGN deployment program. The solution, based on Telcordia’s Network
Engineer (NE) product suite, will address critical goals identified by JT.


The deployment of a single GIS inventory system will act
as a key enabler for JT planners, supervisors and engineers. It will allow them
to effectively plan and manage fiber and duct infrastructure, address future
end-to-end provisioning, fulfillment and assurance requirements. This solution
can also be extended to the JT field engineering team through portable devices
enabling remote access to manage the critical network assets.


John Renard, president Utilities, Telecom and Content
business, Infotech Enterprises, said Infotech will deliver a solution that will
provide its operations, planning and engineering departments with significantly
improved access to network and services information and look forward to helping
JT address its end-to-end provisioning, fulfillment and assurance requirements
to deliver optimal returns on the investment being made into the Gigabit


Bob Humphrys, program manager at JT, said its
Gigabit Jersey strategy is a pioneering, world-leading program to bring
superfast broadband to every home and business in Jersey, and working with key
partners like this is central to us achieving this.


Recently, JT has tied up with Swedish open access network management
provider Netadmin Systems, for its FTTH project. Netadmin will work with
technology partners such as Cisco, Genexis and Dimension Data for the FTTH
project. JT Global is implementing FTTH to 42,000 premises on Jersey within
three years.


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