Eyepartner introduces Roku set-top box tool set with a SaaS module for TikiLIVE

Telecom Lead America: Eyepartner, a software development
and hosting company, has introduced latest Roku set-top box tool set with
a software-as-a-service (SaaS) module for its TikiLIVE, a HD broadcasting
platform that provides users with a set of tools for managing live and video on
demand HD streaming content.

The company claims that Roku streaming player easily
connects to a television and wireless network to bring entertainment choices to
homes and businesses.


Tim Green, chief technology officer of Eyepartner, said
that TikiLIVE broadcasters can stream both live and VOD content to the 2.5
million Roku set-top boxes with Roku.


He added that the new capability offer the company’s
broadcasters another option to publish content easily and inexpensively with a
simple-to-use, click-and-go interface.


The TikiLIVE platform allows broadcasters to publish and
manage LIVE content as well as video on demand to Roku channels.


With SaaS capability, broadcasters now have fewer
infrastructure costs and benefit from the security, performance.


The company further claims that broadcasters now can
create unlimited channel playlists and publish them to ROKU channels with
multiple video formats can be transcoded into “ROKU-ready” format.


The platform also allows pay-per-view and subscription
user authentication as well as the ability to create themed channels.



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