Latin American test and measurement equipment market to grow at 13% CAGR in 2011-2015

Telecom Lead America: Wireless test and measurement
(T&M) equipment market in Latin America is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13
percent during 2011-2015. Vendors dominating this market include Agilent
Technologies, JDSU, Anritsu and Rohde & Schwarz.


Focus on quality of services is one of the key factors
contributing to this market growth. The wireless test equipment market has been
witnessing growing demand of mobile broadband. However, increasing network
complexity could pose a challenge.


TechNavio analysts said that almost every country in
Latin America has an HSPA network and many of them have been upgraded to HSPA.
Operators are in the process of improving their wireless capability and
offering better user experience.


Latin America is witnessing LTE trials by several
operators in different countries. With the increasing deployment of 3G and 4G
networks and with the coexistence of 2G, there is a need of exclusive
measurement practice that will drive the demand for test and measurement
equipment in region.


Telecom operators in Latin America are investing in
network upgrades. High mobile penetration and increasing network traffic is one
of the main reasons for this trend. Mobile operators in Latin America are
facing the problem of limited availability of spectrum and deployment of HSPA
and LTE is emerging as one of the possible solutions to address the network issue.


3G and 4G to drive Indian Test and Measurement market


Recently, Frost & Sullivan said the Indian Test and
Measurement market has been driven by the global and domestic demand. The
domestic demand has risen over the past 18 months, to make the Test and
Measurement market realize opportunities from every sector in India.


Major trends that will drive the Test and Measurement
industry in India are urbanization; SMART Cities and SMART infrastructure;
reverse brain drain and CXO positions in developing economies; SMART clouds;
robots: wireless intelligence; future broadband applications; future global
power generation; factory of the future: SMART and GREEN and the rise of the
middle class in 2010.


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