Lexmark announces mobile print app for Cisco Cius


International announced its Mobile Print Application for the Cisco Cius, a
tablet purpose-built for the enterprise.


in-house, Lexmark’s mobile solutions platform
paves the way for rapid innovation to meet customer demands in the dynamic
mobile device marketplace.


enterprise-class application, also compatible with other Android-based mobile
devices, will be able to run on the Cisco Cius to enable easy-to-use mobile
printing for knowledge workers across the enterprise without adding additional
servers, a burden for IT management.


Cisco Cius is an innovative, highly
secure business tablet created for the enterprise that combines voice, video,
collaboration, and virtualization capabilities in a single portable device.
Mobile devices enabled on a company’s corporate network should require little
to no configuration to use Lexmark’s Mobile Print Application.


enterprise employees have the latitude to easily print documents from
network-connected printers and multifunction products (MFPs) in their corporate


optimized to work with Lexmark
printers and MFPs, it is anticipated that the Lexmark Mobile Print Application
will support printing on other manufacturers’ output devices that support
standard file formats, such as pdf, jpeg and tiff.


is clearly an enormous surge in mobile devices and ‘road warriors’ at CBTS and
throughout global enterprises in general, and Lexmark is well positioned to
support this growing requirement,” said
Christi Cornette, vice president of
marketing, CBTS.


trend will continue to drive the need for mobile printing solutions that
support the output requirements of sophisticated business users who are on the
go and who will need to securely print their business documents,”


of the major disruptive trends facing enterprises is the significant growth in
tablet adoption among workers,” said
Angele Boyd, IDC’s group vice
president and general manager, printing/imaging/document solutions and SMB.


has been providing world-class enterprise services and solutions for the past
20 years, and with our expertise in managing distributed fleets of printers and
MFPs, we are well equipped to handle the increasing demand of mobile devices in
the workplace,” said
Marty Canning, Lexmark executive
vice president and president of Imaging Solutions and Services.

“The Lexmark Mobile Print Application
allows enterprises to connect their mobile tablets to their fleet in a way that
adds value to both sets of devices – as well as to the business processes that
require these devices to work well together,”


By TelecomLead.com Team
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