Malaysia Emergency Response Service to increase emergency services

Telecom Lead Asia: Malaysia Emergency Response Service (MERS 999) has deployed the Mult-IP system in a county-wide Mobile Virtual Private Network MVPN solution supporting mobile devices from fire, police and EMS agencies.

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Radio IP Software, a developer of MVPN software solutions, has partnered with Axis-Tek, a Malaysian-based technology solutions provider, for the project.

The MERS 999 system merges Malaysian police, fire, hospital and civil defense emergency service providers (ESPs) under one common communications platform to improve efficiency and response time of emergency services in Malaysia.

Telecom Malaysia’s 3G network offers the common communication platform and it incorporates an advanced mobile Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) solution from Emergensys.

Radio IP’s mobile VPN solution bridges the communication divide between dispatch centers and mobile emergency service providers. Dispatchers can leverage Mult-IP’s GPS Director to monitor ESPs equipped with GPS-enabled mobile devices, and transmit data back to the appropriate back-end mapping system such as AVL, CAD/RMS, etc.

Flexible group policy management enables IT administrators to manage policies and applications across a fleet of client devices without having to physically handle the devices and with little to no downtime; and advanced application steering capabilities allow IT administrators to control the use of networks based on factors such as cost or bandwidth requirements without impacting security.

“We worked with the Axis-Tek team to deliver a solution that clearly meets current communication needs while ensuring a seamless path to incorporate future technologies as the MERS 999 program expands to additional platforms,” said Frank Draper, vice president, Sales and Marketing at Radio IP.

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