McAfee and Securonix partner on data loss prevention for enterprise resource planning

McAfee and Securonix announced the launch
of data loss prevention (DLP) solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
systems such as SAP.

The solution identifies and fingerprints
intellectual property and sensitive information held within the SAP environment
for discovery, monitoring, and prevention by McAfee Data Loss Prevention.

“Globalization and the cloud are driving a
whole new wave of data protection concerns and complex requirements for loss
prevention,” said Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix.

Organizations store their sensitive data in
SAP in order to manage the resources, purchase-to-pay, and manufacturing
processes. This information flows out of SAP in an unstructured and distributed
fashion across the organization and outside to vendors and partners. The
exposure footprint of this sensitive information is enormous and until now
there has been no effective method to identify and protect it.

Our customers are increasingly anxious
about the security of their ERP data and are looking for ways to get some level
of visibility and control over its use, said Marc Olesen, general manager of
content and cloud security at McAfee.

“McAfee recognized that in order to tackle
this challenge, it needed a deep understanding of SAP from an information,
access, and activity standpoint. It would also require some method to
dynamically identify sensitive information as it changed within SAP. The
combined McAfee and Securonix solution enables this application security
management,” Olesen added.

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