Motorola Solutions launches new WLAN Cloud services for enterprises

Telecom Lead America: Motorola Solutions announced the
launch of new WLAN Cloud Services for enterprises.

Motorola Solutions is offering the new solution as a
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

The company is targeting enterprises that need to improve
the full life-cycle management of their WLAN. Retail, hospitality, healthcare
and other enterprise owners who are uncertain of their future needs can
activate the WLAN Cloud Services solution with no appliance or controller
setup, zero-touch access point deployment, and no ongoing maintenance.

With a growing number of organizations looking to
transform their operations with cloud-based solutions, Motorola Solutions is
delivering state-of-the-art WLAN services built on a utility model that makes
it easier for customers to deploy and scale as their needs change. Our
industry-recognized strength in deploying, securing, and operating
mission-critical networks is now available to customers anywhere,” said Todd
Nightingale, general manager, Air Defense, Motorola Solutions.

The solution can be deployed in any WLAN environment and
can easily monitor thousands of access points distributed across any number of
physical sites. The subscription-based SaaS model moves upfront capital
expenses to operational expenses with a monthly charge directly tied to the
level of services selected and the size of the network.

WLAN deployments using the WLAN Cloud Services are
designed to be more efficient, secure, and easier to manage because of the WiNG
5’s sophisticated approach to managing traffic generated by video, voice and
other applications.

In addition, Motorola WLAN Cloud Services support
value-added services such as WLAN Planning and Proximity Awareness &
Analytics, which enables the use of WLAN infrastructure as a tool for presence
detection of and dynamic communication with Wi-Fi enabled devices in WLAN environments.

With a new set of highly scalable, enterprise-class
capabilities , WLAN Cloud Services will allow us to help customers tackle WLAN
performance problems that were previously left unaddressed due to cost or
functionality considerations. This offering gives new reasons to engage and
will allow us to forge closer relationships with customers as they search for
ways to maximize the return on their WLAN investments,” said Bob Blazek,
president and CEO, Altura Communication Solutions.

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