RF Code launches wire-free power monitoring for Emerson’s Rack PDUs

RF Code announced a new wire-free PDU sensor tag that
will monitor the power usage of several models of Emerson PDUs-the Liebert MPX
PDUs shipped with an RPC-1000 module and the Liebert MPH PDU with embedded
RPC-1000. The new RF Code sensor, the R170 PDU Tag for Emerson, simply plugs
into the Emerson PDU’s sensor port, transmitting power usage data to RF Code
readers and then software that captures and manages the power monitoring data.

In addition, the new solution, like all RF Code
environmental and power monitoring solutions, easily integrates into a
company’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system as well as other
into large platforms, such as ERP, BMS or EAM software.

To run more efficiently and cost-effectively, data
centers are now focusing on the rack as the microcosm” of their facility.
Having power utilization information at the rack-level gives data center and
facilities managers the ability to run more efficient, power-smart facilities
This best-practice of managing everything down to the rack level including
capacity, power usage and availability, temperature and humidity and inventory
optimizes availability while reducing operational costs.

Using RF Code’s new wire-free sensor provides the rack
level power usage data needed at a cost that is far less expensive than wired

Wired power monitoring solutions require an Ethernet
connection, which is expensive install and maintain. Instead of utilizing an
Ethernet connection for each PDU, Emerson PDU customers can now just easily
plug an RF Code R170 PDU Sensor into their Emerson PDU.

The sensor then streams the current monitoring data
wire-freely” over the RF Code radio frequency infrastructure into RF Code’s
Sensor Manager software, which customers can view in a configurable dashboard.

Power budgets are rising,” said Chris Gaskins, vice
president, Product Development, RF Code. So why spend money on implementing
a wired solution you need to manage and maintain? Eliminating the Ethernet drop
to each PDU frees up dollars and staff time, while providing the high level of
power utilization monitoring you need. It’s a no-brainer.”

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]