Rogers announces international data packs at $9.99 per day

Canadian telecom service provider Rogers today announced international data packs at $9.99 per day.

Rogers also announced new international tariffs for travelers including small businesses and retail consumers.

For instance, customers can select a new travel pack for $60 to get 40 minutes of talk, 150 texts and 40 MB of data for the month. Voice and text only packs are still available for those customers that don’t want data.

Rogers customers can text TRAVEL to 7626 for free in Canada or abroad to get an international travel pack or they will receive a text with a link to buy a travel pack right on their phone when they arrive at their destination.

The company’s $9.99 data package will give them access to 20 MB of data per day; letting them send about 400 emails, share selfies on social media, or upload reports and files to work on the go; or visit 80 websites, or access 20 maps. If more than 20 MB are used before 24 hours is up, another 20 MB will be added to their account for $9.99.

Rogers customers will receive a free text message when they’re nearing the end of the data left on either the $9.99 daily rate or travel pack. They can also text USAGE to 3330 for free to see how many daily data rates have been used or if they’ve been charged overage costs on their travel pack.

A $100 cap is put on data overage charges if they’ve purchased a travel pack, or if more than $100 worth of the $9.99 rate have been used.

Raj Doshi, senior vice president, products, Rogers Communications, said: “With these new travel packs and a daily data rate, customers should feel confident they can text, get online, and stay connected while knowing how much their services will cost.”

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