Rohde & Schwarz unveils one-box solution for simulating up to 160 analog and digital TV signals

Rohde & Schwarz, a global provider of test and
measurement equipment, has launched R&S CLG cable load generator to
simulate a cable TV network with all channels fully loaded with analog and
digital TV signals.

The R&S CLG multichannel signal generator eliminates
the need of multiple signal generators to simulate such a mixed-signal network
in the development and certification labs.

It is capable of simulating a U.S. cable TV network with
158 channels and a European network with up to 119 channels. Manufacturers of
cable TV tuners and set-top boxes need only the R&S CLG to test products
during development. And many certification tests can also be performed with
this instrument.

This 19″ wide and 1 HU high instrument replaces the
entire rack of signal generators commonly used in test systems. The R&S CLG
has a frequency range from 47 MHz to 1002 MHz and can generate up to 160 freely
combinable analog and digital signals.

The R&S CLG supports the
J.83/B, DVB-C and ISDB-T digital standards and the PAL and NTSC analog

Receiver tests in line with ANSI/SCTE 40 can also be performed. ANSI/SCTE 40
requires that TV receivers function properly even when all channels in a cable
network are fully loaded and with interference present.

The R&S CLG simulates the AC hum that often occurs in cable TV and which is
manifested as superimposed amplitude modulation. The frequency can be set in
the range from 47 Hz to 63 Hz. The R&S CLG also generates adjacent channel
signals and a discrete CW interference signal for ANSI/SCTE 40 compliant tests.

The R&S CLG enable network equipment manufacturers to
generate CW signals and perform CSO/CTB measurements to check the linearity of
their broadband CATV amplifiers.

The R&S CLG’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy to
configure complex test scenarios. The R&S CLG can be operated using a PC
over a web GUI or by remote control using SCPI commands or SNMP.

The signal level and frequency can be separately set for
each channel in order to simulate a cable TV network with full channel loading.
The R&S CLG allows the user to define a tilt across the entire spectrum,
and the generator sets the individual channels to the corresponding levels.


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