SafeNet Announces Miniature Sentinel HASP HL MaxMicro Licensing Key to Provide Maximum Security

SafeNet, a global provider of data protection solutions,
has launched ultra-small Sentinel HASP HL MaxMicro licensing dongle.

The new Sentinel MaxMicro key offers protection and
flexible licensing enforcement as the traditional Sentinel HASP key; however
its sleek new design is just a quarter of the size making it virtually
invisible and decreasing the possibility of an accidental or deliberate break.

MaxMicro joins a full suite of HASP keys that ensure the
protection of intellectual property and enforce a variety of licensing models,
including perpetual, feature-based, pay-per-use, time-based and custom

Sentinel hardware-based protection keys provide the
strongest protection against software piracy. It offers the strongest
enforcement for license terms, which are securely stored and protected inside
the Sentinel protection key. It enables portability so the software can run on
any PC to which the Sentinel protection key is connected and it does not
require an Internet connection to activate the software” commented Rana Gupta,
Business Head, India & SAARC, SafeNet.

MaxMicro is SafeNet’s smallest hardware key. It is an
ideal solution for use cases in which reduced visibility minimizes the
likelihood of tampering and accidental or deliberate breakage, including use
with notebooks, embedded systems, medical devices, machinery controls and other
equipment with stationary licensing keys.

Like most of SafeNet’s award-winning Sentinel HASP family
of hardware-based protection keys, MaxMicro includes a full complement of
robust security and cryptographic algorithms, including a unique 32-bit ID,
128-bit AES encryption and support for 64,000 encryption keys.

By Team
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